You can win a trip to Washington D.C. for you and a family member!!

Enter the contest following these simple steps:

1. Think about how you use electricity, gasoline, natural gas…energy (ex. electricity, gasoline, natural gas and/or if you could use less or how you could help your community use less).

2. Think of a creative new way to use less energy.

3. Use your talents and skills to create an exciting unusual project that will communicate your idea to someone else. Your project could be a science project, essay, story, artwork, photograph, music, video or website project.

4. Write a one page explanation of how your project relates to the theme. Be sure to include the following:

5. Make sure your name is on your project.

6. Complete the entry form. Make sure that you have your parents or legal guardian and teacher sign it.

7. Give your project to your teacher.
8. Wait patiently.

9. Sit back and feel great about doing something yourself to conserve energy and help the environment.

10. Grand Prize winners will be notified.

If you aren’t selected for the Grand Prize trip, no worries there is always next year. Plus you may be featured on the ICE web site for the world to see.

Tips and Ideas from Past Student Winners


Here are some links that will help you with the Challenge

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